918Kiss (Introduction)

918Kiss is a well-known online casino in Asia; it was launched in 2015. Formerly called SCR888, the casino was upgraded and rebranded to what is now known as 918Kiss Malaysia. It provides a whole new level of online gaming experience for players and has gained prominence in countries like Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore.

The casino has shown significant influence in providing people with that land-based casino experience right from the comfort of their homes. With few clicks on their devices, players can now easily access online games, play these games when they want to and adjust to the game rules without having to go to a land-based casino. 918 kis, despite being an Asian based online casino, has extended its reach to several countries in the world; the casino is seen to have extensive data of players due to the ease of access and matchless gaming experience.

The casino has a record of reliability, impeccability, and consistency, which has kept them ahead of their game in the last five years. The casino provides fantastic gaming experience for die-hard casino lovers and even novices; the customer service and top-notch security status has pooled players over the years, ranking the casino as one of the best ten online casinos available. 918Kiss also has a live online casino where players get to meet real dealers and players, right from their home.


For those who are already veterans of the online casino realm, this name should not be an unfamiliar one. In fact, the name 918kis is one of the most mentioned ones among players. In the region, official 918Kiss or SCR888 is arguably the biggest and most popular online casino platform. With a huge player base, this is definitely the ideal platform for any newbie or novice players to try their hands on an online casino.


In the history of 918kiss, many people argue that earlier, the term ‘slot machines’ was used to refer to almost every vending and gambling machine. It was during the onset of the 20th century when people began restricting the term only to fruit machines or slot machines. The first slot machine, also known by the name Liberty Bell, had three spinning reels. Charles Fey, the inventor of this machine, included diamond, heart, spade symbols with a cracked Liberty Bell. Thus, a player will win the highest payoff if the spin results in three Liberty Bells in a row. Since it was the first coin-based game, Liberty Bell attracted a lot of attention within a short span. After electricity became the mainstream comfort of everyone, the first electromechanical slot machine came into being. Consequently, it eliminated the requirement of pulling the lever to spin. Moreover, the first video slot was introduced in 1975, after six years of its predecessor.


The most important aspect of an online casino is the games they offer; this factor will either pull players towards or away from the casino. 918Kiss has a reputation for not only having a vast collection of games in terms of quantity but also of top quality as so much has been and is still being put into the game collections to make them up to players’ demand and taste.

The casino strikes a balance between the number of games they have and the quality of each of these games. 918Kiss has lots of games ranging from slot games, fishing games, and other live table games such as baccarat, poker, blackjack, and roulette. The slot games have the highest fraction in the list of games provided; these games have interesting features; they are easy to learn and play. The games are of high visual design, and they give players that thrilling experience when they play.

The amazing features these games offer is what has pulled players to the casino, averaging up to 5000 players and above daily. Real Time Gaming and Spade Gaming are popular games providers well-known in Asia and internationally, for the best mobile gaming experience, sounds, 3D graphics and fun real money games in diverse languages such as English, Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, Korean, Vietnamese, and Japanese; the beautiful part is that these are the game providers for 918Kiss. It also expands their games collection so players cannot run out of options and have something new to play each time.


Perhaps the most bewildering thing about Aceclub28 is that it has something in its treasure for every type of player. For instance, if you are a beginner then this slot casino has different enticing bonuses and promotions to offer.

Aceclub28 works tirelessly to provide only what is best for you like playing without topping up the account with real money. It helps the player to curate new strategies or brush up on the old ones. Rookies can also use such bonuses to watch how other expert players play and learn from them.

Furthermore, the website also offers a 10% bonus on deposit so that players can multiply their winning amounts easily. Isn’t it just great? But hold on as it only keeps getting better.

Players will also receive a free 20% bonus whenever someone else uses their link or referral code to register on the website. So, make sure to share your link with your family, friends, and on social media platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook.


918Kiss consists of 128-bit encryption of personal information and account passwords. Encryption is very important as it acts as a large wall preventing hackers from gaining access to your account password, even if they did, your password will come in the form of an encrypted form, meaning that there is virtually no method to read it unless the encryption is cracked, which would take a tremendous amount of time and effort.

It also features a strong firewall to protect users from account hackers, the firewall is virtually uncrackable even by security experts. This will further close down any tiny loophole that hackers may find to gain entry into their site and steal the users’ information.

918Kiss spares no expenses in perfecting the online casino’s security systems; in the online casino, the security department receives the largest chunk of the company’s annual budget. This is where our priority lies, now everyone can game with us without a single hint of concern in their minds. You can say that this is somewhat a gamer’s paradise.

User Guide

The very first step to playing 918kiss is to download and install the Android or iOS app on your phone; open your phone’s browser, type 918kiss download on the search menu, you get to find several download links from your search results. Read up on customer reviews and comments to ensure you are downloading the real app. Once the game has finished downloading, you see it saved on your device. Click on the game and install it with all the necessary information.

All games have rules, and 918kiss casino games are no exception; those who have played on any trusted online casino Malaysia or even any game before will have an understanding of the rules for the games. The first step in playing 918kiss is to first choose a partner; after wish, you will also need to deposit some money, depending on the game you choose. It is necessary for players to keep an eye on the casino wheel whenever it rotates; the games are often represented with symbols on the wheel. Some of the symbols include chickens, monkeys, horses, elephants, King, and Queen. Players can choose any mark and put money on it.

System Maintenance

Players may be worried about why there is 918Kiss maintenance? You will feel restless due to unable login of your account. However, you should not worry as this is a very important process for all online casinos. Every day, there are so many players who play, top up and even cash out in online casinos. With the largest number of online casinos, the Kiss918 system is always faced with large and heavy needs. So, maintenance is needed to give the players the best experience.

With the maintenance, the developer of 918 Kiss Malaysia will have the opportunity to check and service the online casino platform. So, it is important for them to make sure that all the systems in Kiss 918 are always working properly. In addition, there are also a handful of players who are constantly trying to hack and hack the 918Kiss system. So, regular servicing and maintenance will ensure that the developer team can detect any flaws in the system and fix them.

Business Practice

Aceclub28 accepts casino traffic. We also offer customers a huge choice of slots from dozens of popular providers as well as table games with live dealers – roulette, blackjack and others. It is important to us that your customers have a full range of offers in one place without needing to leave our website. High-quality casino service is just as important to us as our betting services, and we always offer our customers the highest level of quality. In affiliate marketing it is especially important that both parties are on the same page. We understand the process inside out and we know what it takes to create an effective partnership. That is why we give you access to detailed statistics, pay commission quickly, and are happy to supply the widest range of promotional materials or create them specifically for non-standard requirements. We value our partners and believe that the best way to thank you for your efforts is to cooperate with you faithfully. High payouts, individual commission schemes and reliable feedback.

Legality (Malaysia & Singapore)

Not only is online gambling legal in Malaysia, but it also provides lots of gaming opportunities for players. Online sports betting, casinos, poker, and lotteries have been legalised in the country. However, daily fantasy sports remain with unclear legal status, but we hope that it will soon follow the steps of other gambling games in Malaysia.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Getting started on 918Kiss

If you are looking for a game that is better in variety and technique than other games, check out 918Kiss online Malaysia. Slot games are played typically for fun purposes as the odds against the players are pretty high. Some people take them pretty seriously and put their cash on such games on a daily basis to make some money.

+ How to download & install 918Kiss for IOS, Android & PC?

The 918Kiss apk is downloaded either from the game’s main page(website) or from google play or any app stores, all of which are virus-free and secured. For customers that download 918Kiss IOS and Android, the function of installing external applications in their device after downloading the application so that it can proceed with the installation procedure.

The apk can be sieved out from these stores by simply searching for the name using the search function of the app store on your phone (whether ios or Android), and the 918Kiss casino apk will be the first result to show up.

If while trying to download the application from the app store, you discover that your region or country is locked from accessing the app from the app store due to laws and restrictions against gambling in that region, then it is required that this player should download the application file of the 918Kiss download on the website

When downloading from the website, it is essential that you click on the correct download link. The download links are by device operating systems, so do well to know which version you are to download for your mobile device.

+ How to register in 918Kiss?

Register a 918kiss account on the official website by clicking on the “Register” button. Fill up your account details as shown on the image below, you are only required to fill up the listed information, make sure that the new password is similar to confirm password. After you fill up all the details proceed to press the button. Fill up your account details as shown on the image below, you are only required to fill up the listed information, make sure you fill up your actual information instead of fake information to prevent your account from misconducting the terms and conditions. After you fill up all the details, proceed to press the “Register” button. Once you had created account, go back to step 1 and you will notice that your 918kiss Username and Password is now visible once you login to the account as shown on the image below, the actual access is censored due to privacy protection purposes. Fill up your username and password and you can enjoy 918kiss.

+ Is 918Kiss safe to download?

If you want to install the 918kiss apk file for free without paying a single charge, then you need to go for the secure and safe download source. It must be Malware-free; we will not take any issues regarding viruses for anything. You can choose the settings according to the different access of iOS and Android devices. In both, you need to change the settings and install external applications to initiate the further process. For installation, this is crucial for individuals to download the totally safe and secure portal and avail the services with a 100% data security guarantee. If you go for the latest version of an apk file currently available for individuals who want to download it on their mobile phone, you can go for it now.

+ I am having trouble downloading 918Kiss, what should I do?

Please check your wifi / mobile data connection and verify that it is working properly. It may be down and stopping you from downloading the game slot 918Kiss. Please check your mobile storage space. If you don't have enough space in your disk, the app can't be installed. Verify that the app you're trying to install supports your android version.

+ How long does 918Kiss maintenance take?

The 918Kiss maintainance service usually takes less than a day. However, at this time we do not offer a guarantee. Every time maintenance is carried out, the issues that need to be checked and repaired are not the same. At 918 Kiss, we will not give players an unsafe platform. So, we will always prioritise maintenance and ensure that all known issues are fully fixed.